Welcome to my world, my vision, my bliss!

I have learned through my experiences as an artist, writer, and expressive arts therapist, that art can be a most powerful liberator. It liberates the creator as well as the one experiencing the creation. It expands our awareness and takes us from where we are to where we might long to be. Art comforts us as it inspires, leading us ever to a new world of the possible.

As a practitioner of healing through the moving of energy, I understand that all is free flowing energy filled with Divine potential. I have learned that the energies inherent in any experience of beauty, in any experience that delights the heart, can and will do very great things. This is what I strive for in my work, to bring forth the compassionate nature of art, as it speaks the true language of the heart.

Art heals. With it we grow…we ascend…we become well. And this healing power of art is exponential, for as it raises us, it automatically raises all the world. Art heals.  This is why I create. This is the loving force that inspires my world, as it has done for so many artists throughout time. My intention is always to push the boundaries of what color and technique can achieve in order to move the Soul. 

If the Impressionists approached their art from the perspective of light acting upon an object’s surface, I approach painting from the perspective of light emanating from within the object…its pulses, its energy…its vital force. The canvas support dissolves as a flat physical element, and becomes part of the relationship between the viewer, the image, the colors of paint, and the energy that fuses all these cooperative components into an inter-related unity of vibratory existence. The relationship of the viewer to my painting is extremely important to me, for here I can synchronize my own heartbeat with that of the world through the choices I make. Yet I paint very intuitively. Being self-taught, I look to my heart/mind to lead the way.  I am ever looking to create a vision of a world where all is well…beautifully…peacefully…enchantingly…lovingly… well.

I invite you to join me in this world, where we can share this same loving Presence together.



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