I approach painting from the perspective of light emanating out from within the object…its pulses, its energy…its vital force. The canvas support dissolves as a flat physical element and becomes part of the relationship between the viewer, the image, the colors of paint, and the energy that fuses all these cooperative components into an inter-related unity of visual vibratory existence. The relationship of the viewer to my painting is extremely important to me, for here I can synchronize my own heartbeat with that of the world through the choices I make. Yet I paint very intuitively. Being self-taught, I look to my heart/mind to lead the way.  I am ever looking to create a vision of a reality where all is well…beautifully…peacefully…enchantingly…lovingly… well.

I invite you to join me in this world, where we can share this same loving Presence together.

© 2018 Manya Fabiniak