Manya Fabiniak: Artist, Author, Expressive Arts Therapist, Energy Healer
Manya Fabiniak: Artist, Author, Expressive Arts Therapist, Transformational Guide and Energy Healer

Welcome to my world, my vision, my bliss!

I have learned through personal experiences, as well as being an artist, author, and expressive arts therapist, that art can be a most powerful liberator. It liberates the creator as well as the one experiencing the creation. It expands our awareness and takes us from where we are to where we might long to be. Art comforts us and inspires, leading us ever to a new world of possibilities.

As a practitioner of healing through the moving of energy, I understand that all life is free-flowing energy filled with Divine unlimited potential. I have learned that the energies inherent in any experience of beauty, in any experience that delights the heart, can and will do very great things. This is what I strive for in my artwork and writing, to bring forth the compassionate nature of art, as it speaks the true language of the heart.

Art heals. Through art, we are nourished…we grow…we ascend…we become well. And this healing power of art is exponential, for as it raises any one of us, it automatically raises all the world. Art heals.  This is why I create. This is the loving force that inspires my world, as it has done for so many artists throughout time. My intention is always to push the boundaries of what subject matter, color, and technique can achieve in order to move the Soul.

Aurora’s Greatest Discovery

Aurora's Greatest Discovery by Manya Fabiniak
Aurora’s Greatest Discovery by Manya Fabiniak

Aurora’s Greatest Discovery by Manya Fabiniak is a transformational tale written for children of all ages. Aurora, and her much older brother Fran, share a deep love for the beauty of art and nature, and the inspiration this great love provides. As Aurora grows, Fran affirms her talents and teaches her the necessary tools to confront the doubts, frustrations, and fears that would prevent her from creating the rich, ever-expanding joy-filled life of her dreams. Most importantly, Fran teaches Aurora to connect with her heart and the Sacred Love that is the source of all her inspiration, courage, and trust.

Aurora's Greatest Discovery Back Cover
Aurora’s Greatest Discovery Back Cover

When Fran becomes ill, Aurora’s belief in the healing power of art is steadfast and sure. It is only after Fran passes on that Aurora must now delve deeply into her heart to find a way out of her grief, and her deepest pain. As she does, Fran’s life and love for her becomes a real and powerful force that brings her back to living her vision, living her dream, but this time with a spiritual understanding and depth that forever changes all the world around her.

Aurora's Greatest Discovery Chapter 1
Sample page from chapter 1 of “Aurora’s Greatest Discovery”

The novel is lavishly illustrated with close up images of the author’s large-scale works that were painted in the past, as well as paintings that were specifically created to support the text.  Each page has the text floating above an image, giving the reader a glimmer of what lay underneath.  The atmosphere is both tender yet vibrant, with strokes of paint revealing the author’s color technique and prismatic style.

Aurora’s Greatest Discovery is available through Amazon.com and RPSSPublishing.com.


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