One of the underlying themes that flow throughout Aurora is the concept of trust.  What an exquisite virtue!  If we are properly guided, at a young age we are taught to be trustworthy, and that being so is imperative in our creating a good character.  Early on we learn that trust begins with the Self…that it’s something quite special we carry within.

As we grow, we realize that the attribute of trust holds the capacity to shape our lives in a positive and powerful way, more than we might have thought.  To be trustworthy is to offer something quite beautiful to the world, yes? If others can rely on you, trust you to be steadfast and sure, well, they will then have no reason doubt or betray their belief in you and what you are bringing to the world. 

Creativity flourishes. 

Relationships bloom. 

It’s a virtue we personally value highly, for believing others important to us possess that virtue, we believe we are safe to live free from anxieties and fear of emotional pain.   

It’s co-creation at its best!


But the trust that flows through Aurora is a different kind of trust…rather than flowing out towards others, its power is directed within…supporting the very heart of who she is.  

It springs from her passion and great love for art and nature, and flows through her life as a blazing inner star.  Enfolded in this trust, this light, Aurora’s confidence flowers, and her enthusiasm to act resumes again and again.

Fran first teaches Aurora to trust in the very nature of who she is.  When she experiences doubt, he firmly reminds her of her inner steadfastness to the love she has in her heart for the beauty she finds in art as well as nature.  He reveals in strong terms her constant deep desire to express that love in artworks that she then could share with those she loved.  

In overcoming her doubts through Fran’s big brother mentoring, Aurora affirms trust in whom she clearly understands herself to be.   

She now understands, loves, and appreciates trust’s preciousness.

But later after Fran’s passing, the issue of trust takes on a new meaning for her.  As Aurora over time transcends her great grief, she discovers an inner security that in the end becomes unshakable.

By loving her trust in what she believes and cherishes regarding Fran’s never ending spiritual presence, love, and support in her life, Aurora lights up and  opens to the pathways that lay ahead for an ever richer life.   She is now fully free to commit to her dreams…free to appreciate all that she holds to be good and true…free to carry trust in the core of her heart.  


When you love your trust, all the support you will need comes in time to you.  It’s the Universal Law of Resonance in action!  And that means your trust in who you are becomes an invincible attracting force.   

Trust pushes up a positive belief necessary for right action to take place.  We now live from an internal belief in the preciousness of our vision, and are steadfast to actualize what that belief stands for.

Folks see that …admire that…and come forward to engage in that precious opportunity to create with you!

You are irresistible!

Challenges may come as we move through life…great challenges that touch us to the core.  But at the same time, our great trust in our love, and love of our trust, these too come forward…ascend from our core, and lead us to a transcendence that is often beyond words.