A Heart-Touching Review of ‘Aurora’s Greatest Discovery’

I’ve been truly honored to receive a most beautiful review of Aurora’s Greatest Discovery on Amazon posted by a gentleman, a Mr. Kevin Mason, who is a funeral director in the Buffalo area.  Although a neighbor of mine, I’ve known Kevin only in passing, waving “Hi!” as he walked his little pooch throughout the years.   It turns out he learned about Aurora from other dear neighbors who felt it was a book that belonged Kevin’s “comfort library” at his funeral home, so they lent him their copy to read.

I can only say it’s one thing to write and illustrate a tale that you hope will move your readers in a most positive light, but to actually receive such a sensitive and detailed response simply took my breath away.  That it came from a man who is constantly exposed to those who are often experiencing the deepest of grief…well…he truly touched my heart.

Here is his review…I hope it offers you an even greater understanding of how “Aurora” might provide inspiration for hearts of all ages.

“The book is an easy and understandable read by most children and adults alike. Almost every page takes you on another adventure with Aurora and her family. Through the vision of this child, it is as if she holds your hand brings you along ….especially to the parks. Instant thoughts of beauty, calmness, serenity, and the innocence of child come shining through time and time again.   Some parts I read twice as I found them to be riveting and worthy of a second read.

Although the book has a specific message and purpose all of its own, (and there is sadness over Fran’s passing), it clearly celebrates through the magical spirit of Aurora, the beauty in life, the power of believing, and the ability to move forward but never forget the past. There are so many facets to the writing, each with its own ability to educate and transform. In a perfect world no child should have to cope with the loss of a sibling, nor parent a child. Unfortunately it is not a perfect world. Fortunately, there is this book, that children, parents and families can use as a vehicle to renew hope, even restore faith and wrap themselves in the beauty Aurora’s story. I believe seeing the world and the loss of her brother through the eyes of this little girl is healing within itself.

The novel is a clear read, understandable, precise, educational (although most children wouldn’t know that), whimsical and kindhearted.

Beginning on page 138, “ Note to Parents and Educators” begins another source of healing. Educating all alike and making one think about the story, about Aurora, about Fran and preciousness, tenderness and beauty of life. I would imagine as a parent/educator and a child/children discuss these questions, it’s as if you relive the story again. In itself, this section for creating honest and open dialogue between adult and child, (even child to child) has the ability to transform your thoughts of death, grief, the power of art and writing. This is priceless.

The meticulous writings of the author, the content, the beauty and the question and answer section of this book should not be kept hidden to the volume of people seeking such a profound and transformational “ray of hope” in their own grief journey.”